Saturday, August 28, 2010

1708's Monster Drawing Rally

1708 Gallery hosted a fun afternoon and evening today with the Monster Drawing Rally. If you missed out, here are some details included in various press releases:

WHAT: Monster Drawing Rally is a performance, a happening, a bonanza, a rollicking good time of art making, kids' activities, food and drinks! The event will consist of 5 one-hour shifts with several artists working simultaneously per hour. Audiences will have the rare opportunity to watch art come to life and purchase complete works on paper for $65 each from more than 70 artists...

WHY: To raise funds for 1708 Gallery, a non-profit organization committed to providing opportunities for artistic innovation for emerging and established artists and to expanding the understanding and appreciation of new art for the public.

Michael Pierce

Aimee Joyaux

Vreni Michelini

Mark Delboy

left: Matthew Damian Ritchie, mid and right: Mary Scurlock

Jody Symula

Dana Frostick

Diego Sanchez

Some of the event's participating artists included:

Tom Adair, Lacy Adam, Katherine Batt, Paul Bertholet, Melody Boone, Greg Braun, Christopher Carreon, Genesis Chapman, Jenna Chew, Jamison Ciskanik, Tom Condon, Sabrina Cordovana, Mark Delboy, Tim Devoe, Ellie Doughty, Corey Durbin, Cindy Eide, Miriam Ellen Ewers, Peter Fraser, Dana Frostick, Tiffany Glass-Ferrera, William Godwin, Christine Gray, Mike Guyer, Jason Hackett, David Hamlow, Leslie Herman, Emily Herr, Peyton Hurt, Aimee Joyaux, Bizhan Khodabandeh, Edward Kinsella, Neo Kirby, Greig Leach, Matthew Lively, Mark Luetke, Megan Marlatt, Robert McAdams, Aaron McIntosh, Vreni Michelini, Dave Moore, Cindy Myron, Cindy Neuschwander, Kirk O'Brien, Amie Oliver, Nikki Painter, Jane Payne, Michael Pierce, Alyson Plante, Debbie Quick, Matthew Ritchie, Jordan Roeder, Fiona Ross, Diego Sanchez, Anne Savedge, Mary Scurlock, Janet Shaughnessy, Pamela Shelor, Susan Singer, Eric Stepp, Ilona Strunk, Jody Symula, Kim Teeples, Nathan Tersteeg, Ed Trask, Courtney Vargas, Roberto Ventura, Paloma Wall, Lee Weaver, Hal Weaver, Harrison Weber, Ryan Whisler, Andrew Wright

Quite a few works sold during the rally, and unsold drawings are now property of 1708. Will we see more images from the event, and maybe even a way to purchase unsold works on 1708's website? Stay tuned...

Either way, we're voting for the Monster Drawing Rally to become an annual Richmond happening. The variety of participating artists in this event was refreshing, due to both the breadth of techniques and styles represented in the work created and due to the number of artists participating who are not necessarily well-known names in Richmond. MDR is a great reminder of just how many artists are in and around Richmond, while making artists' processes more accessible to the public for an afternoon.

Did you attend? Did you participate? What was your experience of the Rally?

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