Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Opening this Saturday at Reference

zu täuschen den Schutzhund

From Reference's website:

REFERENCE Art Gallery is pleased to announce a show featuring works by AIDS-3D (Berlin), Ben Schumacher (NYC) and Victor Vaughn (Baltimore), curated by James Shaeffer.

As the Internet has increasingly become a source for not only the exhibition of art but also the transfer of artworks so has ideas of dematerialization and issues of originality in artwork come into question again. Now artworks can be created on a computer and sent to multiple participants simultaneously while also exhibited online. Images, 3D models, and videos can all be reproduced ad infinitum and exhibited endlessly. Featuring works by AIDS-3D, Ben Schumacher, and Victor Vaughn; each artist presents pieces that address concurrent issues of originality, distance, immaterialism and reproduction – a theme attended to with the actual exhibition itself. Concomitantly with the exhibition at P·P·O·W, all the work will be available for free download off the Internet and simultaneously shown at REFERENCE Art Gallery in Richmond, VA.

An opening reception will be held from 7- 11 pm- more event details may be found here.

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