Friday, October 30, 2009

See- and Buy- A Lot of Art!

Susan Jamison's "See Me" will be featured in Think Small 5

There are several upcoming opportunities to view (and purchase) A LOT of art around Richmond...

Richmond Zine Fest- November 6th and 7th

Visual Art Studio's Artistic Gifts Featuring Hang Ups- November 6th- January 29th (artists are invited to participate- read more from Grid, too)

Artspace and Art 6's Think Small 5- International Biennial Miniature Art Invitational- November 6th- December 20th

Visarts' Craft + Design Show- November 21st-22nd

1708's Small Wonder- December 3rd- December 17th, 2009

Art 180's Karma 180- December 3rd

Click the links for information about locations, event times, participants, tickets, etc. And please feel free to share information about other upcoming visual arts events in the comments!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"A History Report, Not a Future Report: Recent Works by Jessica Sims" at Artworks' Skylight Gallery

on view until November 22nd

"Napoleon & the Ziggy Pig"

"Ted. Theodore. Logan"

"Bill. S. Preston. Esquire"

"Save the Humans!"

"Bugglegum and cavemen"

"Two heads are better than one"

"Put them in the... Iron Maiden"

"Ludwig hits the right notes"

"Do you know when the Mongols ruled China?"

We really dig Sims's formalist paintings with their quirky titles- go check out this show!

More information (including artist statement) here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bookart at Artspace

on view until November 1st

Check out the bookart@artspace blog for more specific information about works in this show.

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin, RVA, Link Monday

Ryan McLennan, "Work Ethic"

RVA artist Ryan McLennan currently has a solo show at Joshua Liner Gallery in NY

Studio space available adjacent to Serendipity Art and Consign in Bon Air

Grid on Richmond art collector and author Jane Joel Knox

BAM on the Hat on WaPo and RVA

Check out Gallery 5's calendar for events all this week, culminating in the Circus of Lost Souls on Halloween night.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

City Offers Galleries an Olive Branch?

Style has a report on the city's meeting with Gallery 5 to discuss the October First Friday brouhaha here. Fittingly, details about Staunton, Virginia's recently established arts district were juxtaposed with our city officials' unwillingness to discuss a Richmond arts district at their meeting with Gallery 5...

In other news, the Washington Post article on an evening in Richmond is out. This article is positive about the CenterStage experience, but it makes a lot of critical comments about the area surrounding CenterStage. It will be interesting to note whether this account of Richmond will draw as much discussion as did the NYTimes' comments about Richmond's lack of ethnic cuisine.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Luck of the Draw At Visarts This Thursday, October 22nd

From Visarts:

LUCK OF THE DRAW Combines opportunity and art in a fun game of chance! While attending the event is FREE, you can buy a $100 ticket for a chance to choose unframed works on paper donated by local artists and celebrities! Cash bars, viewing of the Richard Carlyon exhibition in the gallery and live music will add to the festive atmosphere. Daphne Maxwell Reid will preside as MC for the evening, orchestrating the action as ticket holders claim their favorite works.

The evening rolls right into another free event – MUSICIRCUS, a cacophonous collaboration of over 20 musicians curated by jazz drummer Brian Jones that will run 9-10:30 PM.

For more info or to reserve your ticket, contact Karen Miller, Special Events Coordinator, at 353-0094 x 227.

We Want To See... Jessica Sims at Artworks' Skylight Gallery

"A History Report, Not a Future Report: New Works By Jessica Sims"
Opening reception this Friday, October 23rd, 7-10 pm

More information here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn In RVA Link Monday

Ellen Mahaffy, "High Voltage," Archival Inkjet Print
(Best In Show in 1212's National Juried Photography Exhibition)

Richmond covered by NYTimes- good discussion of the article over at BAM

RVA Mag on Frame Nation and other local venues' participation in "Will Frame For Food"

RAGE on Quirk's afterschool classes

Interior progress at VMFA

Artspace seeking exhibition proposals for 2010-2011

1212 Gallery's National Juried Photography Exhibition Winners

Shop at Rumors this Wednesday to donate to Gallery 5's "Stop the Leaks" campaign.

Richmond Craft Mafia Boutique to benefit GCCR November 13th


Bmore Art on defining success in the visual arts

DC Art News on the contemporary art purchasing program at UMD (You gotta scroll down to find it- sounds like a great offering for undergrads.)

"Boxed In: An Open-Ended Open Thread" Edward Winkleman on the future of painting (This is another one you'll have to scroll down and scan for the title to read- but it's worth it, especially the comments.)

Damien Hirst: Fail?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tonight at Quirk and Tomorrow at VMFA- Events

Tonight, from 6-9pm at Quirk: "Take a Chance On Me"- fundraiser to benefit
Visual Arts Center of Richmond.
More info about this event here.

photo by Glen McClure

Tomorrow, starting at 12pm, at VMFA's Pauley Center:
"How do you... roller derby?"
More info here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jake Urbanski's "The Stories I Want To Tell" At Main Art Gallery

on view until October 31st- more info and pics from the opening at Main Art's site

(Great artist statement: click the image to read it, or click the link above to read it at Main Art's site. It's nice when artists can really get to the root of what they are thinking about in a way that seems both concise and honest- Urbanski does this.)