Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Taint at the Byrd: "Filmmaking is alive and well in Richmond, VA."

From "The Taint"'s press release:

“The Taint” to Contaminate Theaters

Richmond, VA - April 17, 2010 - “The Taint”, a locally produced horror-comedy feature film, will be screened Saturday, April 17th, 2010 at the Byrd Theater in Richmond, VA. Tickets are $1.99 and can be purchased at the door. The show begins at 2 p.m. The film was created by local filmmakers Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson. It was made for roughly $5,000 dollars and features the talents of over 100 Richmond artists, actors, and musicians.

“The Taint” is a satirical horror-comedy that seeks to expose the misogynistic views and nature of many Hollywood and Independent films by being one of the most misogynistic films of all time. It is a showcase of many local artistic talents and proof that filmmaking is alive and well in Richmond, VA.

More information can be found at: www.taintmovie.com and on facebook

*This image is genius- are there going to be t-shirts?


Anonymous said...

The audience leaving the screening of "The Taint" at the Byrd had seen that low-budget film is alive in RVa, but not very well. Before the show, filmmakers Nelson and Bolduc apologized for the rough edit. The peripatetic narrative left a wake of confusion as past, present, and dream stories combined. The indifferent camera work and amateur staging must have been to highlight the sloppily executed special effects. Fans of blood, bodily fluids, and internal organs were not disappointed. Despite claiming to be a satirical take on horror films, the movie was little more than an excuse for some juvenile gross-out scenes.
Redeemed only by the performances of Colleen Walsh and co-creator Drew Bolduc, "The Taint" proves how easy it is to make a movie, and how hard it is to tell a good story.

Alex said...

While clearly in a rough state with flashbacks inside of flashbacks, 'The Taint' did not lack charm. From start to climax, 'The Taint' offered a fun look at man's strive to increase his sex drive to its faults. The horror 'genre film' has not been known for its story telling as our reviewer fails to consider, aside from a few and far in between films.

Someone made the point while I was writing this, that a film should stand alone to anyone who just so happens to walk into the theater, and be a separate from its creators. That being so The Taint, was quite funny. For days after I heard praises and complaints. Every person I encountered had their own favorite part. The majority of the complaints were of common flaws with the film, flashbacks didn't flow with the narrative or were unnecessary. Sound errors during the showing were frustrating. These things are completely understandable with a test showing of a rough cut. There was a vein of common feedback I received, everyone was excited to see the end product.

I myself speak with a bias, i watched the film from conception to conclusion through the Facebook posts, and word of mouth. I will say this film was no easy task for Drew or Dan. On a melancholy note it was downright soul searching for the people closely involved. The Byrd showing of which I call a test audience showing, reflected this passion. The humor, intrigue and its creators emotion were in every scene of the film. Even when 'The Taint' seemed disjointed or scatter brained, in my opinion the audience could feel its passion.