Tuesday, March 2, 2010

News from Russell/Projects

Current news:


Russell/Projects' next show is something totally new for Richmond and for Virginia. March 17-April 18th. 18 golf bag works by African American artist Charles McGill will be exhibited for the first time in the south-eastern US. McGill lives and works in New York and received his MFA from MICA. A reception with the artist will take place Friday, March 19th, and a free artist talk at the gallery will happen Saturday, March 20th at 1pm. (Click here to read the press release for McGill's show.)

Upcoming for Russell/Projects' artists:


Richmond native Susan Worsham will have a solo show of her stunning photographs depicting her childhood home in Richmond and surrounding areas in September-October 2010. Russell/Projects represents Worsham in the Mid-Atlantic.


Artist Louis Poole will have a solo with catalogue in October-November 2010. Russell/Projects will be representing Poole in the mid-Atlantic.


2 large paintings by Heide Trepanier will be in the group exhibition "Sky Was Yellow, Sun Was Blue" April 23-May 28th 2010. Russell/Projects will have a solo with Trepanier's works on paper November-December 2010.


Bill Fisher, recent recipient of a 2010 VMFA fellowship, will have a solo show of paintings with a hard-bound catalogue in the next year- possibly his first solo in the Mid-Atlantic in recent memory. He is represented by NYC gallery OK Harris, and Russell/Projects will be representing him in the mid-Atlantic.

Stay up-to-date on Russell/Projects' news- check out their website, and be sure to see Helena Wurzel's "Vanitas" before it closes March 7th.

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