Monday, August 24, 2009

Innovators: Tiffany Glass Ferreira and the Real Small Art League (Part 1)

When Tiffany Glass Ferreira, founder of the Real Small Art League invited RVA Artblog to go on a geocaching adventure, we were intrigued to say the least.

As a mother and busy career woman, Tiffany makes small artworks in order to maintain her art practice as a part of her packed schedule (visit her website here). When she realized she needed a way to exhibit her growing body of work, she began to place her pieces in public locations, allowing people to keep the works they found. She then formed Real Small Art League to encourage other artists to do the same.

Real Small Art, ready to be placed in a cache.

From the website: "Real Small Art League is an ogoing effort to inspire random acts of artistic kindness and creative awareness. A growing number of artists make, post, document and give away tiny works in surprise locations. We believe a little work of art can go a long way."

There are over twenty artists currently involved with Real Small Art League, and the founding members recently showed work at VCU's Locker 50b.

Real Small Art Show at Locker 50b

During our meeting, Tiffany explained that one of the questions she gets the most often from artists is "Where can I post my work?" Geocaching may be the answer to this question.

Tiffany is our pick for a current innovator in Richmond arts, due to her determination to provide an interactive experience for artists and viewers involved with the Real Small Art League.

Next on RVAAB: What is geocaching and how does it work? We'll report on our geocaching trip with Tiffany.