Sunday, August 23, 2009

Innovators: ANABA, RVA's first Art Blog

What with all of this talk about innovation and game-changing recently (over at Buttermilk and Molasses, Style's upcoming 40 under 40, and the 12th year of the Pollaks), we just had to give a shout-out to an individual we felt was a true arts innovator in RVA...

Martin Bromirski is the man behind ANABA- Richmond, Virginia's very first art blog.

Not only were Bromirski's posts entertaining and incisive, but he had a really do-it-yourself attitude towards art exhibition. He organized the first (and only- SO FAR) "Art Basel: Stuffy's." You read that correctly- "Stuffy's" as in the sandwich shop. Click the link for his documentation of the show, including Jerry Saltz's visit.

Art Basel: Stuffy's

Bromirski also had a solo show at the Richmond Guggenheim- click here for links about the historic landmark and documentation of the show.

Richmond Guggenheim, aka the Markel Building

Obviously, with all of his ambition, Bromirski was bound to attract the attention of the art big wigs. When Bromirski related the details of his studio visit with Jerry Saltz, he went down in artblog history as one of our favorite arts innovators.

Saltz visits with Bromirski

When Bromirski left the area in 2007-ish (we think?) for other pastures, we were saddened by the hole he left in the Richmond art-blogging scene, though we continue to follow his adventures in NY.

Stay tuned for some more of our ideas about current Richmond arts innovators...