Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1708/C3 Talk20 Canceled

ARGH! Really disappointed that Talk20 has been canceled (to be rescheduled in March, so be on the lookout), but...

this will just give everyone even more time to get excited about the event's speakers (info from C3's website):

Tiffany Glass Ferreira, artist and founder of the Real Small Art League

Peter Fraser, Fraser Design Associates, pushing creative thought in articulating Vision, Identity, Brand and Environment

Brian Korte, LEGO artist, founder of Brickworkz LLC and fan of creativity everywhere

Rosemary Jesionowski, visual artist

Scott Putman, Artistic Director for Amaranth Contemporary Dance

Susan Singer, painting every naked woman in Richmond, one at a time;

Gordon Stettinius, photographer and bon vivant

Tamara Van Meter, of Baskervill, blending the worlds of physical environment, branding and culture into one collective vision

The event will feature a hybrid of educators and professionals working in some branch of the creative field – such as art, architecture or design. talk20 is based on a series of short presentations of 20 slides each. Each presenter has 20 seconds per slide to express his or her very own artistic voice. The event has the broader goal of encouraging an exchange between those in the creative industry and a wider audience.

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