Monday, January 11, 2010

Big Link Monday

Lots of love for First Fridays/Curated Culture this past week (it's about time, too):

* Style's Richmonder of 2009
* Curated Culture Commentary on the Style article
* NBC12 interviews Style ed. about Richmonder of the Year's First Friday site- picks for 2010

AND has photos from Gallery 5's "Say Love" AND info about Josephine Durkin (currently showing at Metro Space)

VA Commission for the Arts offers workshops for artists and organizations interested in grants

Art 180's Open Studios, Jan. 12 (tomorrow)- 14th

Know someone who would provide a great home for Real Small Art? Nominate them here.

Art After Hours this Thursday at VMFA

Oh, my! Art criticism in RVA!

December's First Friday (Last Friday) from RVATV

RTD on Bernard Martin at ADA and Crossroads Art Center works at Bonvenu

VMFA blogs about "The Constructed Image: Christa Bowden and Robert Sulkin"

R.A.G.E. on shows at Visual Art Studio and Gallery 5

GREAT ARTICLE- What is RVA doing to keep its creatives here?

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