Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 RVA Art News Stories of 2009 (?)

Tanja Softic's "Migrant Universe: The Map of What Happened"
60" x 120"

(In no particular order)

1. VMFA renovation and expansion

2. Culture Works replaces Arts Council of Richmond

3. Center Stage opens (Has anyone heard anything about what is going to be exhibited in Center Stage's gallery space? Is there anything there now?)

4. CAPS vs. RVA arts and culture, and Mayor Jones offers an olive branch.

5. Richmond Region Cultural Action Plan was unveiled.

6. On the gallery/art space front: Thanky Space ended their run, as did Tinderbox. Fortunately, the Whitley Gallery, Reference, and soon-to-be-opened Russell/Projects are all promising additions to Richmond's visual arts scene.

7. Some established Richmond art spaces also garnered attention, winning recognition in Virginia's Arts Build Communities Awards. Congratulations again to 1708 Gallery, Gallery 5, and the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, and thank you for all you do for Richmond!

8. Lots of recent changes for Curated Culture/First Fridays, including their new website, new online sponsor, and new downtown location.

9. UR professor Tanja Softic wins big-time Pollock-Krasner grant.

10. Crumb's UR visit gets some Richmonders' bloods boiling.

Honorable Mentions:

*Ryan McGinness tapped for VMFA mural.

*VCU's new gallery debacle (Anybody heard the latest on this?)

What else? We might be kind of off-base here, as we only started attempting to keep up with the arts news this last June, so what'd we miss?

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