Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pics from InLight 2009

Participating artist (and buddy) Annette Isham was happy to see passers-by interacting with her and Andy Holtin's collaborative piece (shown in the two images above Annette).

Yes, a lot of these are blurry- we promise next year not to be too shy to bust out the tripod. Also, unfortunately missed the fashion show and parade. We'll be scouring the net for links to images of those events, and information about who won the People's Choice Award- if you know, feel free to comment.

Church Hill People's News has some images that look like they were taken by someone who really knows their way around a camera- nice!

For more information about InLight participating artists and future incarnations of the event, visit 1708 gallery's website.


john m said...

Thanks for the nice words about my photos. I'm reluctant to carry a tripod myself: I took most of these using the tops of trash cans or with the camera pressed up against something.

The Gabriel piece by Roberto Ventura and Joshua Poteat won Best in Show.

RVA Artblog said...

Great! Thanks for the links and the info.